Name Description
Zaurus Developer Alliance THE place to go for Zaurus developers
Kawa Scheme Interpreter GNU Kawa Scheme interpreter with a tiny GUI console
Compiling Java on Zaurus using evm copy JDK11 to CLASSPATH and run 'evm' with your java source code. Similarly you can do 'evm' to do jar.
IBM jikes compiler IBM Jikes Java compiler cross-compiled for Zaurus. Also need JDK y
Sun JAXP 1.1 XML Parser add the jar files to your CLASSPATH
Jython (Java-Python) add JDK11 rt.jar to your CLASSPATH
Sprint Touchpoint 120 Socket Communications CF DPC card works with Zaurus/Linux.
IrDA PPP FAQ by Joris Vershoor about PPP using cellphone via IrDA

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